Basic Level Requirements for Food Manufacture (Chennai, India)

Program Description

This three-day training program was held in Chennai, India September 7-9, 2009 and was organized and supported by Michigan State University, the Global Food Safety Initiative, and USAID.

This event focused on the Basic Level Requirements for Food Manufacture, as defined by a technical working group of the Global Food Safety Initiative. These Basic Level Requirements include many elements relating to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Good Hygiene Practices (GHPs) as defined in the Codex Alimentarius Commission’s “General Principles for Food Hygiene.”

Compliance with Basic Level requirements will build a foundation necessary for a company (and individuals within the company) to advance to the Intermediate Level requirements, which will include all GMP and GHP elements within the Codex Alimentarius “General Principles of Food Hygiene” as well as a coverage of the principles of “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points,” which is the food safety management system recognized by the Codex Alimentarius Commission as the global standard for food manufacture.

The target audiences for this training program are managers in food manufacturing facilities who are principally responsible for compliance with food safety requirements, and educators/trainers who work with these companies.

Program Agenda


Course Instructors and Profiles